#707 Onward and Upward

We delivered basket 707 today in a town about 16 miles from here. The older lady was very thankful for the “extras”. Thank you P.D. for giving us her name. We also received a donation tonight through our PayPal link. Thank you to L for that donation!

Our story on the UPS Facebook page has gotten more than 7000 likes, 900 shares and 270 comments!!!!!! What a humbling experience to read the posts from people we’ve never met about how the story of LBFOL is touching their lives!

We have had some ask how they can start an LBFOL chapter or program like it in their area. We have also had some ask how they can receive a basket. One particular family sent a message from a state on the East coast of the USA asking if there would be some way they could receive a basket.  I knew in my own power there was no way we could help them without it costing a lot of money to ship something to them, which made my heart sink. But less than three hours later, a lady sent a Facebook message asking how she could help and wanting to know how to get something like LBFOL started in her community. 

I was at a large warehouse store when her message came over my phone, and my sister Diane and I had just been talking about how could we help the family on the East coast. I said, If this lady is from the same state on the East coast as the family who needs a basket, then I for sure know God is in this, not just me trying to make something happen”.

I opened her profile and almost dropped my phone. I wanted to raise both hands in the air and run all over that store. I looked at my sister and said, “She is from that state. She really is from that state! There’s no way in a million years that would happen. This is way bigger than any of us.

I started to cry but remembered where I was and tried not to make a scene right there. It was like I was in a glorious haze all the way home. When I got to my computer I sent her a message explaining all of it and her reply was, “I am definitely wanting to help this family, and many, many others. God saw my faith in humanity failing, and he sent you. I sit here, crying, happy that God has sent this sign and this way to help. He is greater than me.” 

This is just one of the many miraculous blessings to come from LBFOL over the past 21 months.

I am so thankful for everyone who has helped us with their donations of funds, items, time, spreading the word and prayers.

Please consider making a donation to help us continue our mission of “delivering the love of God, one laundry basket at a time,” so we can touch more and more lives of people in need.

Your support has been very much appreciated and has been a blessing to many senior adults, families, single adults and children. God Bless each of you!

Onward and Upward in 2013!

Marilyn Hull