Delivering baskets 700-701

We delivered baskets number 700 & 701 this morning. One went to a lady who lost her husband last month  and has been living on very little because she hasn’t begun to receive income from his Social Security. The other went to a disabled young lady who is living at home with help from an in-home nurse. Both were very glad to receive the baskets.

We also received a donation from a retired businessman from New Madrid, MO who saw our article in the Weekly Record newspaper a couple of weeks ago and was touched by what we are doing. Thank you Mr. G and the Methodist church for that donation. Also, we received a donation from a lady who gives every month even though she struggles to make ends meet. She knows LBFOL is blessing others and she wants to be a part of it. Thanks so much, B, for your continued support and prayers each month.

The Web site launched a fundraising project for LBFOL earlier this week and our local TV KFVS 12 television station did an interview with founder Chris Carnell that aired yesterday evening at 6 PM. I missed seeing it, but my niece and others said it was a great interview. We hope that the campaign reaches many people with the message of LBFOL and that it is a big success!

We are still about $4000 short of what we need to pay off what we owe for Spring Clean 2013. We stepped out in faith because we knew that it was going to be big and that the number of baskets would stretch us, but we know that God is faithful and will touch the hearts of great people like you to donate. If you can help, you can give online through PayPal or by mailing a donation to us.  Remember that all donations are tax deductible.

We have had several people asking us when will we do another big event. Hopefully in early Fall we will be funded up to be able to have another one, but we will need lots of donations to make it possible.

Project Christmas Basket has been scheduled for December 7 so mark your calenders and begin now to gather items, names and donations for this one as well.

Thank you in advance,
Marilyn Hull