About.com: LBFOL Is Best Use of Laundry Basket, Ever

Can’t believe we missed this! In December, we were mentioned on the about.com laundry expert page.

Mary Marlowe Leverette gives expert advice on laundry care as part of the about.com family of  Web sites.  Apparently Project Christmas Basket caught her attention, because last December she posted the following message on the about.com Laundry page:

The folks in Sikeston, Missouri have another creative use for laundry baskets this year. More than 110 laundry baskets were filled with household cleaning and personal care supplies to be given to senior citizens in need. Donations from neighbors and businesses helped stock the baskets and volunteers made the personal delivers. This may be the best use of a laundry basket, ever.

We’ve contacted Mary to thank her for the mention, her kind words and to let her know about the results of Spring Clean 2013.

Hmmm, “…the best use of a laundry basket, ever.”  We like the sound of that.