Sunday March 10, 2013

We received a donation this morning. Thanks CH for your donation. We also got word of some long-time friends whose grandson and his family lost their home and two pets to a house fire while they were at work. We will be getting a basket together for them. We also are getting four more baskets ready to be delivered Monday.

On Saturday, April 13, we will be using the gym of Trinity Gospel Church at 901 Davis Blvd. in Sikeston, MO to get items marked, labeled and ready to be delivered on April 20 at Spring Clean 2013. We will be starting at 9 AM and go until we are finished. It’s going to be a big  job because we have more than 6000 items to mark and get ready. If you would like to help us on this day please message us on Facebook or use our Contact Us page and let us know.

If you would like to donate please, check out our How can I help page or donate through Paypal.

Thank you in advance,