Saturday March 9, 2013

We will be delivering three baskets this morning and also picking up a metal cart for delivering baskets for our April 20 Spring Clean Event. It was donated by Stanley Muffler of East Prairie, MO. Thank you to John and company! This will come in very handy for delivering several baskets at a time. We are purchasing and gathering items for Spring Clean 2013. A big thanks to Diane Lane and LaRae Long for helping mark the items. We will be having a sticker party on April 13 to get all the items marked and ready for the 20th. We will announce the time and place in a few days. There will be well over 5000 items to mark so all help is appreciated.

We also will need help on April 20 filling the baskets and delivering them to the houses. We will start very early (around 6 AM) that day to get things set up at the UPS center at 117 Larcel in Sikeston, MO. If you can help us early, we would really appreciate it!  If you can’t make it that early, please come when you can.

We will start filling the baskets at around 8 AM and, with the facility and trucks there, it shouldn’t take very long, (maybe an hour or so). We will put the baskets on 3 or 4 UPS trucks, which will drive in the direction of the communities that we will be delivering to that day (East Prairie, Charleston, Sikeston, New Madrid, Parma, Bernie and Dexter, MO).

Note: Only UPS employees will be able to drive or ride in the UPS trucks, but we need all the help we can get from those who want to help deliver.  You’ll just need to pick a truck to follow and drive to each location. We will have two-wheel dollies and a four-wheel metal cart to use when we arrive at the homes.  If our donations come in on time we may have more carts to help deliver.

We have 170 addresses so far and expect close to 100 more in a week. This will be a very big event and will be a blessing to a lot of seniors and families living on limited income.

If you would like to help with a donation please check out our How can I help page.  If you would like to donate for this event, please do so in memory of our Mom, Blanche Hull, through Paypal.  April 23 would have been her 83 birthday and LBFOL was her heart. She helped us in several ways here at LBFOL and she never got to help in our Project Christmas Basket but wanted to so much! We picked April 20 for Spring Clean 2013 to honor her. I know she would be proud of what we are doing to bless others in her memory!

Thanks again to all who have and are helping us! We are blessed to have such caring and great friends and family!