Donation & Delivering Basket

We received the name of a couple in a town not far from here.  Both of them are going through sickness and having a hard time with finances. We delivered a basket to them today. They were so grateful and wanted everyone who has helped us here at LBFOL to know how thankful they are and it made their day!

We also received a donation that will help with Spring Clean 2013 on Saturday, April 20. Thanks to B for posting a flyer and contacting this company to help us here at LBFOL. We are thankful for all of your help!

I was able to order quite a few bulk items last night for the Spring Clean 2013. We planned on delivering 200 baskets that day but we are almost past that amount already. It will be closer to 300 baskets to get ready and deliver on that date! That will almost double the total number of baskets we have delivered since the beginning.  AWESOME!!

We have gotten the approval from UPS here in Sikeston to use their facility to load the baskets and even use the brown trucks to deliver baskets on that day. We are planning on four UPS trucks to deliver to different towns on that day. Several UPS employees have signed up to help but we will need others to help also, so please mark Saturday, April 20, on your calender to help us deliver 200+ baskets to senior citizens and families in our local area that are in need of the “extras”.

Along with our LBFOL Facebook page, make sure you visit our Spring Clean 2013 Facebook event page to stay posted on what the times will be and more information as we continue to get names and addresses to deliver to that day. It will be a very exciting and big day for LBFOL, and also is the week of my Mom, Blanche Hull’s, birthday. What better way to honor her life and dedication to LBFOL than to be able to deliver our 500th basket on that day? I hope you will be a part of it and help us!

If you would like to donate in her honor please check out her memorial page with the Paypal link. If you would like to help us on that day, you can contact us.  There are other ways you can help and you can found out about those on our How can I help page.

We have a goal of $7000 but we are sure to need more as we continue to gather the names for that day, so all donations are welcomed and appreciated.

We are also still delivering baskets and have 7 to deliver next week and others as names are given to us.

I want to thank my sister Diane for helping me with paperwork for this event, my brother Darrin for all of his hard work with the Web site and logos and advertisements. I also want to thank two great friends, Diane and LaRae, for helping mark items for the baskets.

I also want to thank some co-workers Burley, Heath and El David for gathering contact names and phone numbers. Thanks to my bosses David and Steve. I couldn’t make it without those who help me and I am so appreciative of them all.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 20 and making it a BIG day for LBFOL and a BLESSED day for hundreds of senior citizens and families in our area.

God Bless you all,