Meet & Greet Update

We had a great Meet, Greet and Informational meeting tonight. Thanks to all who came out, willing to help and give great ideas. We went over what we have planned for the near future. We are putting a float in our local Cotton Carnival Parade (the largest parade in Missouri) this Saturday, September 29 and we got some help with decorations and passing out toothbrushes with LBFOL information on them. If anyone in our local area would like to join us in the parade to pass those out please email us or if you are on Facebook, look for our Laundry Baskets Full of Love page and message us there or on our Parade Event page. We will be getting the trailer (donated by Heartland Trailers of Sikeston, MO) tomorrow and will start decorating it on Wednesday, so if anyone in our area would like to help, you can message me on that too.

The next big event we went over is our Project Christmas Basket. We are in contact with a large senior citizen complex where we plan on giving a basket to every apartment/home this Christmas. The projected amount of baskets we will be giving out on December 8, 2012 will be over 100 baskets… yep, that’s right, 100 baskets in one day for one project. So if anyone wants to help gather items, make big bows/ribbons for the baskets, get baskets ready, pass baskets out, or if a company or organization wants to buy all the baskets for that project that would be awesome as well! Of course, any monetary donations would be greatly appreciated. Just click on the How can I help page and there will information on our PayPal account, our mailing address and the links to contact us as well.

Next, we had some names suggested for basket deliveries and we got three baskets ready to go out tomorrow. We have one volunteer that will be taking flyers and cards out to a local church and business to set up boxes for donations of basket items. Also, she will be contacting someone she knows who can get us some names of families that need baskets.  I also have a friend that has some families in Fisk and Poplar Bluff, MO that will need baskets, so we are gathering information on them as well and will be delivering in that area in the near future.

If you are interesting in helping LBFOL in any way, please contact us through email or postal mail or through our Facebook page.

Thanks in advance and God Bless each of you,

Marilyn Hull