Inching closer to 100 baskets!

We are inching closer to the 100th basket given out in less than one year–that’s right, less than one year!  We have given out 85 so far. Woohoo!  Praise the Lord!

We delivered a basket to a single mother and her child today. She was so happy to get the basket that she began to cry, telling us that it was just in time. She’s missed work for two weeks because she has been sick and didn’t know what she was going to do without a paycheck this week. I am so thankful we are being led to those who are hurting and in need and thankful to all who are helping us find families, and donating items, money and time in delivering and helping get baskets ready!

We still have two more baskets to deliver this week. One goes to a family with a small daughter whose father had a motorcycle wreck a week ago and has a 1-3% chance of walking again.  The other basket will go to a family with two daughters whose father has been battling cancer for some time and lost the battle just this last week. We also put some food items in both of these baskets. I’m so thankful for people who are helping deliver the baskets and caring for these families. We are praying for these two families as well.

Tomorrow we will be giving a basket to a grandmother who has had a couple of surgeries recently, causing her to be unable to work and is now homeless. God knows the need of this lady and we are praying for her.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing ministry that is helping people who are hurting, struggling and in need please check out our How Can I Help page. Also if you would like to donate items for baskets or cash or if you have someone/family who needs a basket, please visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you so much to all who are helping and God Bless each of you!

Marilyn Hull

Founder and president of LBFOL