Things are happening

Exciting things are happening with LBFOL! Saturday 8-18-12 we will be receiving 7 (yes SEVEN) baskets full of items from SE MO 4H Rodeo club in a special ceremony at the rodeo grounds here in Sikeston!  I will post pics and articles as soon as I can.

I also delivered three baskets to the Foster Grandparents group today and received word from my doctor of two families he knows that could us baskets. We will be putting them together along with three more baskets for the Nutritional Center to be passed out as well.

We were also told of a community fair taking place in October and we have been invited to set up a table/booth to pass out information, answer questions and get the word out about LBFOL to the whole community and hopefully it will gain some needed donations as well. Can you tell I’m excited?

We also received a donation yesterday from a faithful friend who gives every month. Thanks B for your donation.  I pray God blesses you above and beyond your need! I am so thankful to all who have helped with donations, delivering baskets, getting baskets ready (Mom you are an awesome help and I thank you very much) and gathering names of families needing help. If you would like to help, please check out the How can I help page.  God bless each of you!


president of LBFOL