4H Rodeo Group donations

After seeing our article in the East Prairie Eagle Courier newspaper a couple of months ago, Mandy with the Scott County 4H Rodeo Group contacted me with some great news.She said the article about what LBFOL was doing touched her heart, and that her group was looking for a community service project that they could participate in.  When she asked the group if they wanted to help, they all agreed and were excited to get some baskets, fill them and donate them to us to give out.  I said that would be great and would be happy to meet with them when they got the baskets ready.

Last week in Sikeston we had the annual Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo and the 4H group worked through that week collecting items. On Thursday I got a call from Mandy asking if I was available Saturday night to come and receive the baskets they had collected right before the 4H rodeo started and after the grand entry of the participants.

The plan was for me to go into the arena where they would present the baskets. I was a little nervous but very excited to be accepting the donations. I took my Mom and sister Diane with me for moral support (thanks Diane for the support and taking the pics and thanks to Mom for the encouragement). When we got there and met Mandy and Rhonda my nervousness all disappeared.  They made me feel so welcomed and they were so happy to finally get to meet with me. I knew then that God was in control.

Mandy helped Mom get up close to the fence so she could see while Rhonda took Diane and me to the truck we would ride in to the arena. When I got to the truck, there were 10 baskets full of household items!  I was awestruck by the generosity of those young cowboys and cowgirls.

As we drove into the arena, some rode their horses all around the back of the truck and some were on the truck bed with the baskets. I was overwhelmed with gratefulness! Rhonda made me feel so at ease when presenting the baskets and when they all gave a big “Ye haw!” I almost lost it. It was all so emotional!

Take a look at these great pictures from the event:

As we rode back out of the arena, she told me how much LBFOL had touched their hearts as well and they just had to do something. She also told me to give her a call when we needed more or if we needed help in the future.

I can’t thank them enough for all they did for LBFOL and the people who will benefit from the baskets and the items donated. God bless each of them!!!! This confirms the things I know God has in store for LBFOL. I know He is in this and to God be all the glory. I am just a willing vessel!

We delivered five baskets on Monday and a lot of these are baskets and items that the 4H Rodeo group donated. YE HAW!!!!!!

We also got a donation today from a friend I have known since he was born. Thanks S & E for your donation. God bless you both! Another friend contacted me and wanted the address to send a donation. God Bless you as well!

If you would like to help LBFOL with a donation of funds or items, visit our How Can I Help page, or if you know of someone who would benefit from a basket please contact us.

I am excited about what is ahead for LBFOL and where God is leading us! Thank you to all who have and are helping God bless each of you.