Interesting week!

While on vacation last week I was able to visit a good friend and do some shopping for the baskets at the same time. I so enjoy my visits with Vickie. She is one of the reasons I started using coupons. When Angel Food Ministries stopped a little over a year ago her church class had “adopted” some families in her community to give sacks of food to once a month. When she started buying with coupons and getting stuff for free and very low cost, she wanted to help by giving out laundry detergent, dish washing soap, toilet paper and other household items to the families as well.

At the same time her church was doing this I had begun using coupons and getting some free and low-cost items as well. This is when I saw the elderly lady at the grocery store putting back the “extras” because she couldn’t afford them (see our How Did It Start page for the whole story).

As we were shopping together this past week she kept reminding me that I had always been the one who hated to shop and how amazing it is that God had put LBFOL on my heart and now I’m shopping and coupon dealing almost every day. It is incredible how far God has brought me and opened doors for this ministry–like the high school friend I ran into at the post office who wrote a donation check on the spot!

A Few Words of Thanks

While I was on vacation I had ordered a case of toothbrushes that were on sale for a great price from Walgreens. I went to get them Friday and as I was about to pay for them a friend stopped me and said they wanted to pay for them. Thank you and God bless you D, for listening to your heart and allowing God to use you to help others.  We also received a donation through PayPal this past week, so thanks G and God bless you for your willingness to help those in need.

We also got two large boxes of laundry detergent, lotions, fabric softeners and other items including a laundry basket in the mail on Saturday. Thanks J for all you have done and are doing for LBFOL. I know God will bless you as well.  Today we got a check in the mail for another donation along with some coupons. Thanks K for you donation and allowing God to use you to help those in need. God bless you too.

It has been a very interesting week and I know God is working and BIG things are in store for LBFOL! I just want to listen and be willing to do all I can to help.

If you want to be a part in helping us help others through donations, helping deliver, giving us names of those in need or contacting organizations to help with donating, please contact us or check out our How Can I Help page.  Our donation total just keeps rising! PTL! Thank you in advance and God bless each of you!