Hear Ye Hear Ye LBFOL has hit the presses!!!!

When we delivered out 50th basket last week the ladies at the East Prairie Nutrition Center took some pics and asked if I would write about how LBFOL got started and what we had planned in the future for this ministry. Its hard to put into words feelings that I have for LBFOL! How do you explain when something just feels right to do and you know that God is in control guiding each step of the way? I hope people can sense it when I talk about it and know how close this is to my heart. Helping others is what its all about! Doing unto others as you would have done unto you!

As I was working today a car pulled up in front of my truck stopping then moving on up out of traffic. The lady got out (I recognized her as a friend I deliver to). She said “what is this I hear about you helping people?” It took me by surprise because I know shes not on Face book and I hadn’t talked to her about LBFOL before. I asked how did she find out and she replied she read it in the paper, she went to the website and she wanted to donate. She complimented us on how great the website was and I told her my brother Darrin had done it. As she was writing the check we talked about how LBFOL started and what I was wanting to do with it.  We ended the conversation with a hug and a great big thank you from me to her only to be given a big thank you back from her to me. Here is the link to the East Prairie Eagle and the article that was written about LBFOL. Please check it out! http://www.enterprisecourier.com/editionviewer/?Edition=c643df65-c343-42c9-88fe-a694fcbaaf37   Thanks to Sari, Tracey and all the ladies at the EP Nutrition Center for all of your help and to the East Prairie Eagle for printing the article.

I get overwhelmed and humbled with how people have responded to this ministry. I can’t/don’t do this on my own. I have an awesome support from my family and a close friend that keeps me encouraged! God always comes through and shows Himself to me when I get to thinking I’m in this alone. There have been several donations since I first put this on Face Book, thank you to each of you who have donated. I know God will bless each of you!  We don’t have a steady or constant pledge amount of donations that come in every week. Some weeks nothing comes in.  I buy what I can and when I need more I make up the difference myself. God has perfect timing and He won’t let us down!  If you want to help you can donate through the pay pal link on our “How can I help” page. Our address is LBFOL P.O. Box 382 Sikeston, MO 63801.

Thanks again for your help and support! God Bless you all!  Marilyn..president