Gathering up goodies for the baskets

Ive been on vacation this week and have been shopping for some good deals. I got to admit that I have been in and out of some stores like 2 and 3 times a   I was able to get cases of paper towels, ajax and toilet paper from Wal Greens in Sikeston, MO with the help of the manager Julie. The employees from there have become a custom to me coming in weekly and more than once a day in some cases.  I was also able to get several bottles of dish washing soap, lotion and other things at the Sikeston Wal Mart. The Sikeston Family Dollar opened a new store this week and I was able to get more dish washing soap, deodorant, shampoo and other items. I was able to purchase well over 200 items and every item from every store rounded out to be less than $1.00 each!  I think that is amazing and I thank God for His direction and favor to accomplish that!

I am also thankful to those who have donated money and items to help with LBFOL.  We dont have a steady donating stream of money or items that come in weekly. It comes at different times and sometimes nothing at all. Those who have given and sacrificed have been a huge part in helping those who cant afford the every day items that comes so easy for most of us to buy.

If you want to help there is a donations link on our How can we help page.

Thanks and God Bless you all.  Marilyn..President