Deals, Deals and More Deals!

I was able to buy a lot of basket items today for under a $1.00 each.. PTL!!!!!  Super D Drugs in our town had a .88 cent sale going on and I hauled out 3 carts full and will be going back next week to stock up on more items. I also got some great deals at Wal Greens in our local town as well.

Yesterday we were able to give a LBFOL to a couple and their son who lost everything in a fire earlier in the week. I also got word of a lady that stopped by our church and was in need, so we will be putting a couple of baskets at the church so when they have those who come for help they can at least give them a LBFOL to help supply part of their needs.

Thanks to all who have donated and helped support this ministry. If you want to donate please check the “How can I help” link on the home page.

God Bless you all….Marilyn…president of LBFOL