50th LBFOL Delivered 5-21-12 EP Nutrition Center

50th LBFOL delivered EP Nutrition Center 5-21-12
Delivering the 50th LBFOL 5-21-12 EP Nutrition Center

Today I delivered 3 baskets to the EP Nutritional Center making our total of 50 Laundry Baskets Full Of Love given out since starting September 1, 2011!! PTL!!!Thanks to all those who have helped with getting baskets delivered and helping distribute them to needy families! Thanks to all who have donated money and items to put in the baskets, please don’t stop now cause we are just getting started! Big things are in store for LBFOL and helping meet the needs of those who are struggling with the every day personal hygiene items and household cleaning items. And you can be a part of it by donating.¬† If you want to donate please check out the donate link on our home page!

This has truly been a blessing to me and those who are involved with it! No greater feeling than to know you are helping someone who is living on so little and needs help! God Bless all who are helping and will be helping! Your donations are very much appreciated!

Marilyn Hull-President of Laundry Baskets Full of Love