Hoping for some great deals this week!

I am on vacation this week and the deals are looking pretty good at some of the stores! With the donations I got today (thanks T & S) I was able to buy 30 bottles of body wash/hand soap, 10 deodorants, 4 tooth brushes with money left over!!! That is an awesome haul on the donated amount! 🙂  With the donations from last week I was able to buy much needed laundry baskets, laundry soap, dish washing soap, tooth paste and still have a lot left over to help with more deals this week.

This week I will be taking 3 more baskets to the Senior Citizens Center in a town close to here and that will put us over the 50 mark on baskets given out since we started Sept 1, 2011! PTL!! They want the local paper to come take pictures and post an article in their paper. I also want to put it in our local paper and hopefully we will get a response from those who are in need and those who want to help with the support of this ministry!  If you would like to help just click on the “how can I help” link on the home page!

Thanks to all who have helped us with this! I know God will bless each of you and I am looking forward to whats ahead for us! NOTHING is to BIG for GOD!!!!! God Bless,  Marilyn Hull- President.