3 more to go!!!!

Just 3 more to 50 baskets given away!  I wanted to get there before May but its ok all is good!  Seems like on my days off all I want to do is buy buy buy and deliver deliver deliver! I got 4 more baskets delivered today!  Picked up some more coupons and got to check out some deals I will make later in the week!

When I delivered 2 baskets and picked up some coupons I was told of one of the Grandparent helpers who came into the office last week clapping and so excited, when she was asked what was up she said “I got a Sunday paper and I have a whole book of coupons!!!!”  They said she was jumping and so excited that she was able to help by bringing in coupons for me and LBFOL. I wish I had a hundred like her that would get excited about such a small thing as buying one Sunday paper and getting a book of coupons to donate to LBFOL! It doesn’t take much for God to bless and use for His glory!  Any and all donations are appreciated!  If you would like to donate there is a link on our home page and thanks in advance!

Thanks for all who have helped and are helping! God bless you all!  Marilyn…president of LBFOL