Delivering baskets 1543-1553

We were able to deliver 11 baskets this week bringing our total baskets given out to 1153. With the extreme heat it has been hard to get out to the building to put them together (with no AC or heat) so I put items and baskets in my truck and brought them back to my house and put them together, taking breaks every 15 minutes to keep from over heating. I delivered 3 baskets on Friday morning and 8 on Saturday evening. All the recipients were home, except one, and all were very thankful and surprised, even Chewy, the cutest puppy ever, had to say thanks.

The first apartment we went to the lady had no idea we were coming but when she saw the basket with the paper towels and toilet paper on the top she said “oh, you don’t know how bad I needed that toilet paper, thank you thank you so much!” It always tugs at my heart to hear the most heartfelt thank you’s from a senior adult who just received a LBFOL basket. Without knowing the need, we always seem to bring what they need and always right on time. I thank God every day that He nudged me to begin LBFOL. It is such a blessing to help those who struggle with everyday items that most of us take for granted.

If you would like to help us bless others with a laundry basket full of love you can do so through our pay pal link or our mailing address. If you are on face book you can reach us at our face book page Laundry Baskets Full of Love.

All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated. Thank you in advance and God Bless, Marilyn