Delivering basket 1078 & A very grateful gentleman

We delivered another basket this week bringing our total to 1078. We also received a couple of donations this week. Thanks Bea and Local 1930 for your continued support.
I had an elderly man follow me back to my work truck today and as I shut the door to leave he knocked on the door. As I opened it he backed up and said

I just want to thank you for that basket of love. Everything in there was sure needed and I am so thankful for it. Please tell all those who are helping thank you too. I sure appreciate it!

I told him he was welcome and glad we could help in a small way and I assured him I would tell those who helped deliver it thank you. SO THANK YOU…THANK ALL OF YOU! Those who help get baskets ready, those who deliver and those who donate money and time. Without your help we wouldn’t be able to help those who are in need of the “extras”. God Bless each of you! If you have been thinking of helping or donating you can use our pay pal link or our mailing address. If you know of senior citizens in our area that is in need of a LBFOL basket please let us know.

Thank you in advance!  Marilyn