Baskets 718-721 and getting ready for fund rasing

We delivered baskets 718-721 today. Everyone was very happy and appreciative to get their baskets. One man who was disabled, living without a car or driver’s license, had been living with his electricity shut off and within the past few days, had his water had shut off. His neighbor had messaged me on our Facebook page asking if we could help him. She has been helping him as much as she could and has been taking him once a month to the local food pantry in their town. I told her we would be glad to get a basket for him.

When my nephew and I delivered the basket, the man came to the door with just some shorts on, no lights on in the house or radio or TV going.  He was shocked to see us and started smiling when we said we were there to bless him with a LBFOL basket. He thanked us, and as we walked back to the truck, he yelled out, “thanks again and have a great day.”

My nephew, being 7, was curious as to why he had been dressed that way and why it was dark in the house. When I told him that some people don’t have the things we use every day and have to make it with what they can get by with, which isn’t very much sometimes, he said “I’m glad we helped him.”

I thought to myself about how glad I am that we helped him to and all the others. We can only do that with donations. I am thankful to all who have and are donating to help LBFOL deliver much-needed supplies to senior citizens and families in need. If you would like to help us, you can donate through PayPal or send it to the mailing address on our Contact Us page.  Thank you in advance and God bless you!

We also had a team meeting to go over information and donated items for the fund raising event at the East Prairie Sweet Corn Festival on June 21 and 22. We will have root beer floats, soft drinks, bottled water, T-shirts, necklace pendants, water tattoos, face painting, colored hairspray stripes and Mohawk hairstyles all for suggested donations.

KMH Designs of Sikeston, MO will be there selling T-shirts, necklaces, pendants and other items she has designed. We will have raffles for:

Thank you to all who have committed to donate items for this event. We will have pictures and additional recognition for all the businesses and people who are helping us during this event.

If you are anywhere near Southeast Missouri during these two days, please come by and see us at the East Prairie Tour De Corn and Festival.  

Hope to see you there!