A special donation & delivering baskets 693-698

We received a special donation this morning from one of the ladies who got a basket during Spring Clean 2013 on April 20.She also wrote this note:

“Thank you for the Laundry Basket Full of Love. That was so kind of you, I will use it all and say a prayer for you and all who helped. I’m sending you this donation for a thank you to put in on someone else basket. Thank you and Love you with the Love of God”.

R.L. Dexter, MO

Thanks again to all who helped us on that day and the weeks before getting items ready and for the donations. We couldn’t have done this without all of you!

We are still in need of donations to cover the costs for that event. If you would like to help us you can find our PayPal link and mailing address on our How Can I Help page.

We also delivered six baskets today, bringing our baskets delivered total to 698!  Only two away from the 700 mark. WOW! That is awesome for a small, l;cal charity that is less than two years old. Thank you to DeAnna Nelson for helping me get baskets ready and delivering them today.

If you live in the SE Missouri area and would like to help by donating items, you can drop them off at Paul’s Christian Book Store, 114 E. Front in Sikeston, MO. If you are looking for something to buy, the Ajax cleanser we use in the baskets is on sale at Walgreens for 2 for $1.00. That’s a great donation price and we are in need of that item for the baskets. We are also low on toilet paper. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and God Bless you all,