Tuesday April 3, 2013 – DONATIONS NEEDED!

We received a donation last night through PayPal. Thanks M for you donation and God Bless you!  We have a couple of baskets to deliver this week.  Each will go to families that have lost a husband or father. One family has 4 young daughters. We pray these baskets will help in some way ease the burden for them.

I have a garage almost full of items for Spring Clean 2013 on April 20 and even more are ordered and will be coming in before next week. There will be more than 7000 items to mark and put stickers on for the baskets on April 13 starting at 9 AM at the Trinity Gospel gymnasium at 901 Davis Boulevard in Sikeston, MO. We will have an informational meeting also at that time for those who will be helping on the 20th.

This will be a come-and-go event.  There is no set time that you have to stay and help.  This is the first time we’ve done an event of this magnitude, so we are not sure how long it will take, but if you can help for a few hours we would be grateful. There will be tables and chairs so you can sit or stand to mark the items. We will then be counting to make sure we have everything needed for Spring Clean 2013 and ten we’ll load them into a trailer.

I will be marking items at LFOL headquarters throughout the week of April 8 through 12 at different times, so if anyone would like to come help, please message us through our Contact Us page or on our Facebook page.

Donations Needed!

Originally, we set a goal of $7000 for Spring Clean 2013 when we thought we were only giving out 200 baskets, but we now have 325 baskets going to families and senior citizens on April 20.  At $35 each, the cost is $11,375! Needless to say we are way below our goal! We will use every means to deliver the 325 baskets on April 20th. That means that we will use credit and credit cards if we must to purchase the items. If you can help us with a donation that would be great! It is tax deductible and I know you will be blessed! You can donate through PayPal at our Donations page.

Thank you in advance and God Bless,