Saturday March 23, 2013

We have had a good week. We delivered a basket this week and gathered up more items for Spring Clean 2013 on Saturday, April 20.Thanks, Tammy for delivering the basket for me and thanks to Diane and LaRae for helping mark items and stuff envelopes.

We have 327 families to deliver baskets to on Saturday, April 20. We need your help filling baskets and delivering them on that day. We will go out in groups and deliver to each town. It will be quite a day and very rewarding for those who help and those who are blessed to receive a LBFOL basket.

We will be using the UPS facility at 117 Larcel Dr. (South of Wal-Mart) in Sikeston, MO  and the company’s trucks to fill and deliver the baskets. If you would like to help with the prep work, please contact us.

April 13 Pre-Event Meeting and Prep-Work

We will have an informational meeting on April 13 at Trinity Gospel Church ad 901 Davis Boulevard in Sikeston, MO starting at 9 AM.  At that time we also will be marking and getting the items ready for the baskets. There will be close to 8,000 items to mark and put stickers on. We will mark out bar-codes, put stickers on items, box them up and then put them back in the truck/trailer until April 20. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact us or message us through our Facebook page.

April 20 Volunteers Schedule

  • 6 AM:  We will begin moving all the baskets and items to the UPS facility and get them set up for filling.
  • 8 AM:  We will begin filling the baskets with the items at the UPS facility and then onto the trucks.
  • 9 AM:  The trucks will be leaving to make the deliveries.

Beginning at 8 AM, we need help filling all the baskets and loading them on the UPS trucks.

Beginning at 9 AM, we need delivery volunteers to follow the UPS trucks to the different towns, and make the deliveries to the individual addresses.

If you cannot help all day but want to to be a part of this great blessing, please come on out and help as long as you can.

We will deliver baskets to eight different town: Sikeston (16), Charleston (38), East Prairie (59), New Madrid (81), Lilbourn (10), Parma (10), Bernie (13) and Dexter (100).

Again, if you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact us or message us through our Facebook page.

We Need Donations!

It will cost us $11,445 to fill the 327 baskets for Spring Clean 2013. We are far from that amount and need your help. If you can help us with donations please check out our donation page. You can donate online through Paypal or if you’d like to send us a check, you can find our address on our Contact Us page.

Thank you in advance and God Bless each of you,