Delivering More Baskets

We delivered 10 more baskets Saturday and 4 more Sunday to families and senior citizens in Charleston, Bertrand, East Prairie and Sikeston, bringing our total to 292. A big thank you goes out to LaRae for helping me deliver them Saturday and thanks to Darrin and Lisa for delivering one Sunday.  We also want to thank those who gave us the names for the baskets. It is always a joy to see the happiness on the faces of those who receive the baskets. They are so thankful.

We also received some thank you notes from those who received PCB baskets on December 8. One lady wrote “Can use everything that was in the basket. Thanks! Thanks for amking this Holiday Season special. Happy New Year”.  The other note was from the staff and residents of Prairie Grove Apartments. “To everyone involved, The residents of Prairie Grove Apt. would like to say thank you so very much for the items given to them. One resident said she hasn’t had a new laundry basket in 40 years. Again we thank you for thinking of our residents and your kindness.”

I also talked to a couple of ladies who received baskets that wanted to say how thankful they were for them. One grandmother said her single-mom granddaughter had been struggling and trying to make ends meet.  When she called her granddaughter to tell her about the LBFOL, the granddaughter said “Grandma I got one of those baskets a couple of days ago and it was just what we needed.” The grandmother went on to tell me that for Christmas her granddaughter had told them she needed toilet paper, paper towels and other household cleaning items.  Stories like this make me realize we are doing what needs to be done to help others. I thank God that He is leading and directing us when we decide where to deliver baskets.

We also have received some donations the past few days. These donations help us deliver the baskets all year round. God Bless each of you! We will be away from the office from December 24 through January 2 but if you have names of those who need baskets be sure and let us know through email or messages on here or our Facebook page. All donations made until the end of this year will be tax deductible for 2012.

If you would like to donate please check out our How can I help page.  If you know of those in the Southeast Missouri area who need a basket, please contact us through our Contact us page. If you would like to donate online, you can do so through Paypal.