GingerSnapz Update and a Basket Delivery

We delivered another basket today to a mother with a small son living on limited income and needing extra money to pay their electric bill. That brings our total to 125 baskets delivered. We also have an update to the Gingersnapz Photo mini fall session.  She only has a couple of spots left but if there cancellations, more may be available, so be sure and check her Facebook page to see what is available.

We are collecting Project Christmas Basket items. I will post an update of what we have 100 of already and what we need along with pictures soon. There are a couple of Facebook events you can check out for information on volunteer dates  and donations. My sister has a donation challenge event and there is also our delivery day event.

If you would like to donate a basket, the cost per basket is $35.  Please visit out Donate page to give through Paypal. You can also send a donation by postal mail to the address on our Contact us page.

Thanks in advance,
Marilyn Hull