Delivery total climbing higher

We have reached 110 baskets delivered since September 2011! Praise the Lord! We delivered three baskets on Saturday and three more this morning before work. Thanks so much to my mom for helping get things marked and ready to deliver. We also have a couple of ladies that contacted us about helping with deliveries and getting baskets ready. We will be meeting and getting things organized on that.

We also are sending some letters out to local city clubs and The United Way. We have gotten requests from other local groups and some in another town that want to collect items for baskets. If you would like to donate items, time or money. Please send us a email through our Contact Us page and take a look at our How can I help page for ways you can assist us.  We can send you an information flyer on what’s in a basket with some cards.

We have new business cards, information flyers, banners and small encouragement books (for the baskets) ordered and should be here in a week or so. October is going to be a very busy month for LBFOL! We have been asked to participate in a health fair at the East Prairie Nutrition Center in October. We also may be speaking at a regional conference in a nearby town as well. We plan on putting a float/trailer in the Cotton Carnival Parade in Sikeston at the end of September. We have a big Christmas project in the works and will be relaying information about that to you in the near future.

As you can see, things are really starting to happen. I am excited at where God is leading me and LBFOL! Thank you so much for your support and donations. God Bless each of you!