Receiving and Delivering

We’ve received some donations lately and we have baskets ready to deliver tomorrow. The newspaper article has given us super exposure and has brought us some new contacts and also some who want to help and volunteer their services. Thank you so much to those who will be meeting with us and helping in various ways.

We also received donations this week. One from a school friend (thanks T) for the donation. Another from a friend who we’ve known a few years who is faithful to give what she can every month when she could probably use it more. Thanks B, for your donation. Just today we received a donation from some friends we’ve known for only a few years; thanks S & S for your donation.

Also today we received a box of donated items from a friend I have known for many years and have grown closer to each year. Thanks J, for being faithful to send items for the baskets. God bless each who have and are donating.  Without the help of donations it would be hard to fill baskets!

We will post more about the deliveries we’re making tomorrow in a later post. If you know of someone who needs a basket or if you want to donate money, items or your time. Please check out the How can I help and Contact us  pages.

Thank you in advance,
Marilyn Hull
Founder/President of LBFOL