Delivering one basket over the weekend

I had someone call me this week about a single Mom and her little girl who could use some help and a LBFOL would be a great way to help them. So we are getting a basket ready to deliver this weekend.  I also got a donation from a lady who is faithful to give what she can every month. Thanks B for you donation and prayers. God Bless you!

I also had someone ask if we accepted items for baskets… I said we SURE do….:-)  If you would like to help with a donation of money or items for a basket please check out the how can I help link and the whats in a basket link. If you have someone needing a basket please email us at or check out the contact us link and we will be glad to help get a basket to them.

Thanks to all who are helping us keep delivering LBFOL to those who are in need. God bless each of you!    Marilyn Hull..President