Blessing in the mail

Received a wonderful blessing in the mail today. Got a donation that will help out a lot! I was able to get some paper towels, tooth brushes and dish washing soap today with part of the donated money!  Thanks so much D for the donation! May God bless you abundantly! If anyone would like to donate just check out the donations page there is the address and a pay pal link on there! Thanks in advance!

We are at 43 baskets given away since September 1, 2011. I am so thankful to all who have helped with donations, finding families who need help, delivering baskets and helping with the web site and the legal work.  A special thanks goes out to my sister Diane, my brothers Darrin (Lisa) & Harvey (Karen), my Mom Blanche and friend Vickie who have all helped so much behind the scenes.

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Thanks and God Bless,  Marilyn Hull