Inching closer to our goal!!

So thankful for the donation we got Sunday night from H & K.  God bless you both!  That donation will help buy some more baskets and items to put in them.  🙂

I am on vacation and I plan on going over to my brothers to check into more options for LBFoL. God willing this will be a HUGE blessing for us and we will be expanding into a bigger storage area! Praise The Lord!!! With that will come the opportunity to help a lot more people and the hope of having other distribution locations for LBFoL.

I have 8 baskets to get ready to go out this next week and prospects of two other places to take baskets. We need your help with filling baskets. If you would like to donate certain items, we could use more toilet paper and paper towels.

If you live in my area and want to donate these or any other household or personal hygiene items just message or email us from here or on Facebook or for those who know us personally and have our phone number just call and we will be glad to pick the items up or you can deliver them to our home. You can donate money through PayPal or send it to our address. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt for it. Thanks in advance and God bless each who help!

With the 8 baskets to go out this week, our total basket giving is up to 39–only 11 away from the goal of 50 we want to give out by the end of April!  I know we can do this and more! My desire is to help those who are struggling with buying food, medicine or everyday household items.

Our senior citizens, those who are on limited income, disability, homeless or find themselves in a tight spot because of  job loss should not be put in the position to have to choose between buying food and medicine or personal hygiene and household cleaning supplies! If you have never had to make that choice, I encourage you to help with this ministry so that we (all of you and me) can help these who are hurting. I know God will bless each of you who help!

Thanks in advance,  Marilyn