Storms Bring More Needs

Delivered two baskets this week with two more getting ready to go out next week! Also have two others I want to get ready for the week after that and then we have several boxes of books, milk, and some baskets we are taking up to the Amen Center next weekend.

We had a couple of donations come in this week and we made some generic flyers to be passed out that hopefully will bring in some more much needed donations. I have been working on getting a certain list of items for each family/person baskets and I made some great headway on purchasing items for those type of baskets.

The Grandparents, housing authority and nutritional center baskets will have some additional and different items than the family/individual baskets. With all of the storms we have had in our area I am hoping to be able to help with families who have lost homes and so much more. If you know of someone who was affected by storms in the SE MO area and is in need of a Laundry Basket Full of Love, please let me know and we will work to get help to them.