Gathering items and delivering basket #1576

We have been gathering items up for our Make a Difference Day Event October 24 inSikeston, MO starting at 9 am until around noon. We will be set up at 1077 E. Malone in Sikeston, MO. We are asking churches, groups, businesses, schools and friends to get a group together, gather about 10 names and addresses of some senior adults in the area that could use a LBFOL basket and join us that day to fill and deliver those baskets. We need the names turned in to us by October 5 so we can get all the items needed for the baskets. If you would like to come help us on this day you reach us through our contact page or our face book page. If you would like to help with a donation you can do so through our pay pal link or mailing address.

We have had a wonderful response to our Woman’s World magazine article from all over the US and Canada. It has been a great boost to LBFOL and fun time for Marilyn. Thank you to all who purchased the magazine and shared it with others. I hope it will inspire others to be a blessing in their communities as well.

We were able to deliver some baskets over the last couple weeks. We delivered basket 1576 to a lady and her adult son today. She has just recently had a stroke but was home and doing so much better. The basket was a blessing to them and they were very appreciative. This was one of the baskets donated by Hunter Memorial First Presbyterian Church here in Sikeston. Thank you so much to that congregation for their donations.


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  1. I will coming out to help volunteer on October 24th with the Unilever employees. I would like to see if I can add my mother to the list to receive a basket if it isn’t too late. If it is, can she get a basket delivered on another occasion. She has been struggling with some serious health issues and is on oxygen. I appreciate the outreach that you are doing for this organization. I look forward to helping with this great need we have in our community.

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