Delivering Baskets #1554-1555

We got a message on face book a couple weeks ago about a couple who had lost everything in a fire wemessaged back and asked where they were staying and the lady, who sent the message, said she would get the address and get back to us. We never heard back from her. On Tuesday of this week I get a text from a long time friend who asked if we could get a basket for a couple who had lost everything in a fire. I said of course just get me the info and I would get it to her. When I got the info it was the same couple that we got the message about a couple of weeks ago. I am thankful for friends who contact us when they see a need.We got the basket ready and my friend got it to the couple who were very thankful. We also got word of an elderly widow who was having a hard time since her husband had passed. She was needing some encouragement and help with other things going on at her home. We got a basket and went to visit with her. We were able to encourage her by just listening and showing Gods love to her. She was very thankful for the basket and listening ears. So thankful for those who are lead to us and thankful we can help with a LBFOL basket along with just a time of listening and encouraging someone. We never know who is going through something so painful and just a LBFOL basket can open the door to us showing love that can make a world of difference in their life.  It is only with your help that we can help others.

We also were getting very low and even out of many items for the baskets. I was asked by a friend on face book to post a list of items we were desperately needing. We had two ladies who dropped by my house and left several bags of items. Those were very much appreciated and helped with filling the baskets we delivered last week and delivering this week. If you live in our area and want to donate some of those items I will post a list below. We have three business’ in our town who have offered to be drop off locations for items, Paul’s Christian Book 114 E. Front, Blades Family Hair Salon 131 E. Front and Standard Democrat 205 S. New Madrid all in Sikeston, MO. You can also email us and we can set up a time and place.

The items are:

Comet/Ajax powder cleansers-low
Air fresheners (spray or solid stand up ones)- out
Furniture wipes/spray- out
Soap pads (brillo/SOS) -out
Disinfecting wipes-low
Cotton Swabs-out
Liquid dish washing soap-out
Surface cleaner sprays (Spic & Span, Comet, 409 etc.)- out
Arm & Hammer baking soda-out
Facial tissues- low
Body lotion- low
Trash bags (kitchen or large size)- low
Zip lock bags (quart/pint)- low
Aluminum foil- low
Shampoo- low
Dryer sheets-low
Tooth brushes- low

We are at 1555 baskets delivered since beginning in September of 2011 and will be delivering three more this week. Thank you to all who have helped and supported us. Without your help we would not be where we are today. If you would like to donate a monetary donation you can do so through our pay pal link or mailing address. All donations are tax deducible and very much appreciated. Thank you, Marilyn