Baskets #1071-1072 & Thank You Notes

This week we delivered a basket to a local family that lost everything in a house fire and also received an anonymous letter about a elderly lady in need. Thanks go out to our great volunteer LaRae Long who delivered the family’s basket while the other basket was being delivered to the elderly lady in a surrounding town.  This brings the total to 1072 baskets given out since the beginning of Laundry Baskets Full of Love in September 2011.

We also received a couple of donations this week–one from a lady who keeps up with all we are doing and faithfully donates to help others, and one from another SE Missouri Correctional inmate in Charleston, MO. We’re not sure how word about LBFOL has spread to the correctional facility, but this is the second donation we have received from an inmate there.

We are so thankful for every donation we get and know that God will bless each one who gives out of love to help those who are in need of the “extras” we put into every basket.  We received several thank you notes from those who received a basket during Project Christmas Basket 2013 in December. Here are some highlights from the notes:

Dear LBFOL, What a surprise! Thank you so much – such a lovely thing to do this time of year. God will surely bless you in an extra special way.
God bless,
F.L. East Prairie, MO

Thank you so much for the lovely LBFOL gifts. I have never been so surprised & happy in my 83 years of life. I hope the Lord double blesses everyone that had a hand in it. I needed everything you gave me.
A grateful recepient,
M.S. East Prairie, MO

I really did need and enjoyed my basket of love. I am disabled and on a fixed income. Everything in the basket was a blessing to me. I can use all of it. Thank you so very much. May God richly bless each and everyone of you.
Love you all,
B. G. Portageville, MO

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you (all) for your thoughtfulness in delivering the basket of love. That was a nice surprise. God will bless each of you as you have blessed me and others. Please know each of the items donated will be and are greatly appreciated and will be used to the fullest. May each of you involved in this act of kindness be blessed as you have been a blessing to myself and others.
Thank you,
G.J. Sikeston, MO

Just a little note to say thank you for the LBFOL. I really appreciate the many useful items there in. May I also say thank you to the many volunteers and sponsors.
God bless you,
A.B Sikeston, MO

There also was a thank-you posted on a FaceBook right after PCB:

Thanks to our community, I got a Laundry Basket Full of Love today. Someone knew I have been sick for 3 weeks with pneumonia, and haven’t been able to get out. May god bless each and every one of you.
V.C. East Prairie, MO 

This same lady stopped me not to long ago still thanking us for the basket and wondered how anyone could have known that she had not been able to get out and get those items. The fact is that we didn’t know that she had been sick or home bound for so long.  God just leads us to the right people at the right time of need, that is the only way to explain it! It truly was a miraculous thing that we delivered it when we did. She again thanked everyone who helped!

If you would like to help us bless others by delivering God’s love one laundry basket at a time, you can make a tax deductible donation through PayPal or our mailing address.

Thank you in advance and God bless each of you,
Marilyn Hull