Delivering Baskets #737-743

I had two messages from families in Benton, MO and Cape Girardeau, MO in need of baskets. I was able to deliver them on Saturday and received the most appreciative email from the lady in Benton.

Marilyn, I can’t  thank you enough for blessing my family today! I just can’t thank you enough. You brought tears of joy to me.  Your program that you started is a wonderful thing how thoughtful of you I will never forget what you have done for us you went above and beyond. Thank you for all the wonderful items you have no idea how happy and thankful I am for each one of them. A lot of the items we haven’t had in so long I have forgotten what it was like to have them like hand soap, paper towels toilet cleaner even. I can’t repay for the help right now but one day I will by donating to Baskets of Love. Thank you again! God Bless you. Also I wanted to thank you for the book of Hope you have no idea how much I needed that I think it will help me with my depression, I have never felt depressed till this happen to me.  I still can’t thank you enough. Thank you for blessing my family with this gift and showing my family kindness and love!

This is just one of the emails, messages, texts and letters that I receive from senior adults and families that have been blessed with a basket from LBFOL. There are so many more out there that need our help and don’t know we are here to help. I am thankful for the Face Book page that has brought us a lot of exposure and brought people into our lives. Families in need and people to help and volunteer.

We are also going to deliver three baskets here in Sikeston, MO on Monday and two baskets to St. Louis on Tuesday. We want to spread all over Missouri and US.  We have several dates set up to speak to local groups about LBFOL and a couple of senior citizens expos on October 1st and October 8th that we plan on being at. The fee for each expo is $100.00. If you would like to sponsor us for one or both of these expos please use our Contact Us page and let us know.  We will put a sign at each booth to share your company name and how you sponsored us for the expo.  We are funded by donations and we can’t do this without your help. You can find our mailing address and pay pal link on our How Can I help Page.

I am also in need of people to help with gathering business address’ from all over South East Missouri, stuffing envelopes, putting stamps and address labels on them to be mailed out. If you live in Sikeston, MO area and want to help with this please contact me. This can be done at your home and I will get the labels printed and bring the envelopes and supplies to your home. I also have flyers that need to have address labels or stamps put on them. As LBFOL grows we are always in need of volunteers to do this kind of work. Until we get the donations or funds to buy a building I am working out of my home and we are growing fast.

We are also having our second annual Project Christmas Basket on December 7, 2013. We will need a lot of volunteers to help us get items ready and deliver them. We will hit the 1000th basket delivered either before on on this date. Please start now by spreading the word and letting people know about LBFOL and help us bless others with God’s Love one Laundry Basket at a time.

Thanks in advance and God Bless,