Spring Clean 2013 Recap

We are still experiencing Spring Clean 2013 with emails, messages, phone calls and comments on our Facebook page. What an awesome day it was! Thank you again to all who helped us and we are looking forward to another event later in the year. We’ve had several names submitted for baskets and will be delivering them later this week. We also received a donation today, Thanks MH for your donation. God Bless you!

We are working on the slide show of pictures taken on the prep day, April 13, and also the event day, April 20. We posted more than 200 pictures on our Facebook page  you can go there and look at some great pics. Thank you again to El David/Sharon Jones, Burley/Leslie McIntyre, Diane Hull, Teri Benthal, LaRae Long and Kaci Self for providing pictures for us.

Because the number of baskets we delivered at Spring Clean 2013 reached 350 we still have quite a ways to go before we meet the funding goal to pay for it all. If you can help us with a donation it would be greatly appreciated. We have a link to our PayPal account and mailing address on our How Can I Help page. If you would like to send us a note, email or message you can do that through our Contact Us page.

Thank you again to all who have and are helping us God Bless each of you!

Marilyn Hull