I am thankful today for all God has blessed me with and for those who have donated and helped deliver baskets. When I see or hear of someone who is living on less than what I would make in a few months or someone who has lost everything in a fire it breaks my heart. I want to help more than I am! I really believe God is directing this and without Him I cant do this. I get impatient at times and want things to happen faster but in His time I know!

We received a donation from a friend who lives on limited income herself, she also gave me the name of an elderly man who could use a LBFOL. I am getting one ready to deliver to him tomorrow. I also got word of a family of 5 in the town I deliver to that lost their home by fire this morning. I am getting info to deliver one to them also.

If you would like to help check out the donation link also if you are on Facebook check out the LBFOL FB page.  If you would like to message or email us just visit the contact us page.

Thanks again for all who are helping and will help us help others. God truly blesses those who bless others!