Delivered 2 more baskets

My Mom, sister Diane and I delivered 2 more baskets today to The Amen Center in Delta, MO.

We experienced mixed emotions as we went into the facility. To see those who are in such dire need was overwhelming and heartbreaking, but then to meet the residents and see how loving and grateful they were for the donations of the baskets was humbling. The 13 children of the families from age 2 to 16 were playing and having a great time, unaware of their situations. It brought to mind that we, who have so much, sometimes complain about not having the “extras” that these families have not had in weeks, months or maybe years. With one TV (yes, I said ONE) in a small room for all 50 residents to take turns or watch what someone else wanted to watch without a word or fight about it was an awakening of sorts. We have a TV in almost every room and still have something to complain about. Opens up a whole new thankfulness and gratefulness in my heart!!!

When we met one of the directors, Shirley (her husband Danny was laying down trying to catch some rest before going to pick up someone from work or fixing something in the facility), we realized how God is using them to help those in dire need. It was quite a blessed experience to listen to the vision and burden they have for those who need the help! I knew in my heart that God  had opened another door for Laundry Baskets to help.

She told us they had bought 28 gallons of milk in the last 4 days and it was gone already. We saw the food pantry which looked really full but with 50 or more eating 3 meals a day it won’t be long until they will have to restock. Like most ministries that feed and house those in need, they get donations of toys, clothes, furniture, food but they don’t hardly get any household and personal hygiene items. That’s where we come in!!!!! WE as in YOU and ME!

I want to be able to bless them with Laundry Baskets Full of Love every month and to do that I need your help! If you have new household cleaning or personal hygiene items you want to donate please email or message us and we will find a way to get it here and up to them. If you want to donate there are PayPal links set up or you can send a check to the address on the contact us page.

We still have other families and senior citizens that we are delivering to and that will continue along with anyone else that God sends our way! I truly believe that He is opening up the flood gates for this ministry and to Him be all the glory, honor and praise!

Just a side note… if you would like to donate milk or money for milk for this center please let me know and we will buy it and get it up there for them! We are here to serve and help!

Thanks again and God bless each of you!